Role of the CEO

  1. Rally the troops. The CEO is the person that can bring significant energy and horsepower to ensure that the task at hand is accomplished.
  2. Contain that energy to allow a deeper focus on a greater challenge to create a calm realm for strategizing.
  3. Bring vulnerability, humility and connection together to improve any situation.

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Author: EW TibbsA Proactive, Determined Leader Who Builds Lasting, Collaborative Relationships with key constituencies to advance the goals of the organization. A visionary change agent, who sets the highest performance standards for himself and for the organization. Seeks out difficult, long-standing problems and solves them with a deft political touch. Especially effective in building positive relationships (medical staff and other). Strong clinical knowledge and experience create solid working relationships with clinical team members. Builds high performing teams and empowers them to solve problems and move the organization forward. A skilled financial steward who is fact-based and data-driven.