Just a few weeks into this new year, has the excitement already faded? Wouldn’t it be a better year if you could recapture that feeling of a fresh start?

Think about someone you know that always seems to have a positive outlook; odds are that individual looks at the birth of each day as “new.” They seem to have figured out. They know how to press the reset button effortlessly despite the challenges of the day, the week, or the year that have already transpired.

Most of us require a little more motivation, a line in the sand, for example: “…starting that diet and exercise program next Monday” or “…as one of my New Year’s resolutions I will … “

If you have yet been able to hardwire your well-intentioned habits for this new year, and perhaps it no longer feels bright and shiny, reflect on the following five common-sense facts of life, professed by many great minds throughout history.

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Author: Mike ZappaHigh-energy Senior Healthcare Executive who balances business acumen with clinical expertise to design and implement cost-effective solutions that transcend organizational challenges. Background as emergency physician informs ability to take intelligent risks and make administrative decisions that elevate patient care while protecting the bottom line. Entrepreneurial background as owner/operator of profitable healthcare enterprisesóincluding emergency medicine management company and urgent care clinicódrives innovation. Brings a relentless focus on process improvement, service excellence and sound operations to power growth.