Imagine any advice that could be considered wisdom; whether it seems like common sense or a profound revelation, it is probably not complex. Now think about how long it may be applicable…wisdom actually has no expiration date.

My sisters and I are the abundant beneficiaries of my father’s wisdom, from the sayings that were uniquely his such as “there’s no grass growing under my feet” – reminding us not to idle or move so slowly that seeds of grass had time to sprout, to his personal translations of great historical philosophers.  Recently we came upon some notes he used when he was lecturing to adults looking to improve their status in life. These notes highlighted a saying from Socrates – pushing me to revisit the works of this ancient philosopher from Athens. As you read further, I’m sure you’ll agree that true wisdom lasts for generations and centuries.

Socrates said: “I cannot teach anyone anything…I can only make them think.”  If you want to be a better person and leader, start by thinking about the following seven things.

Seven Pillars for a Good Life

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Be Content
  3. Study
  4. Be by Doing
  5. Live Rightly
  6. Avoid False Words
  7. Beware of a Busy Life

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Author: Mike ZappaHigh-energy Senior Healthcare Executive who balances business acumen with clinical expertise to design and implement cost-effective solutions that transcend organizational challenges. Background as emergency physician informs ability to take intelligent risks and make administrative decisions that elevate patient care while protecting the bottom line. Entrepreneurial background as owner/operator of profitable healthcare enterprisesóincluding emergency medicine management company and urgent care clinicódrives innovation. Brings a relentless focus on process improvement, service excellence and sound operations to power growth.