What did you do for your 35 trillion cells this week?

They’re lucky. They don’t care much about Donald or Fox News or MSNBC or Dr. Fauci. They just keep busy doing their thing and looking for a little respect from us.

Which we don’t dish out a lot.

They get ignored mostly. Then a little bug catches them with their defenses down.  Kinda like a molecular version of northern Italy. Then you’re on a gurney hoping for a room and a ventilator.

Tell me. Have you heard the word “prevention” from the mouths of any of the leadership circle that now takes the place of the NCAA Final Four on TV?


I’m on my soapbox with this week’s article.  Yes – the walls are coming in and I’m a bit grumpier than usual. But so are you.

Thanks for reading – and commenting, if so motivated.

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