Over the next several weeks I’m going to be talking about the key components to what drives innovation: people, process, and technology

Let’s state the obvious: Growing, adapting, changing, altering, improving, are all words whispering or hinting at long-term sustainability also known as necessary prosperity.  It all forms under the umbrella of Innovation.

Innovation is a fairly new word, but evidence of innovation is shown time and time again since the beginning of humankind. Humans have a knack for demonstrating the special drive, ingenuity and desire to progress.  In the moments when our ancestors improved their “present state,” it formed the foundation for us to continue advancement today, and also in our future. Our ancestors grew crops and raised animals to feed the family (filling an immediate need). Surplus crops presented the opportunity to sell or trade to obtain other items their family desired to improve their way of life.  Transportation began from straps of wood patched together advancing to triremes, mega cruisers and even the technological wonder of today’s battleships.  This type of ingenuity or innovation holds true in medicine as well.

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Author: Rodney ReiderFor more than 25 years, I have been intimately involved in the healthcare industry and have positioned organizations to adapt to the continuously and rapidly changing healthcare environment. I have worked with boards, physicians, employees and the community to strengthen core services to customers, optimize performance and identify best practices and strategic alliances for new business development.