In this episode on helping digital startups sell their solutions, I want to focus on the issue of implementation. It is certainly important to have a wiz bang digital solution. Equally important is how to implement the solution and manage the changes it causes. All startups should understand the concerns the hospital C-suite has around the implementation process. Specifically, the startup must be prepared to answer the following:

  1. Is the company going to take responsibility for all the administrative hurdles including the IT security approval? Customers want assurance that the company is going to answer all inquiries and assist with completing documentation. Additionally, customers will want the company to track the progress of all approvals and follow up as necessary.
  2. Does the company have previous experience with change management? Although the hospital may have a performance improvement team skilled in change management, it is important for the company to have people who also understand this complex process in order to work collaboratively.

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Author: David BergerSenior Executive Healthcare Leader with experience in academic Hospitals and Health Centers. Physician leader with demonstrated results in hospital operations including ICUs, operating rooms, acute care wards, and outpatient clinics. Experience with Lean management and working with systems engineers to improve processes. Master's Degree in Health Care Management from Harvard University. Recognized national leader in health care quality and patient safety.