There is reluctance in the healthcare industry to adopt new price transparency technology.  Some healthcare providers are ignoring it all together, saying they’ll wait and see if anything comes of it.

But this technology isn’t “coming.” It’s already here. With the technology in place and demands for increased affordability coming from consumers and legislators alike, this technology is just one little tilt from being mainstream—and I believe that it can change the healthcare industry for the better.

Disrupting healthcare’s status quo is setting itself apart from traditional healthcare by providing convenient and affordable healthcare—24/7—with a focus on prevention and wellness. Patients just pay one low, flat rate per month.

Many patients do not prioritize yearly physical exams because they find them cost-prohibitive.  But if they can do them more affordably in the privacy in their own home without taking time off work or coordinating travel, that could create change in consumer behavior, and positively impact patients’ long-term health. has also has an anytime-access model with doctors on call 24/7 via patients’ smartphone, tablet or computer.  In addition to wellness exams, MDLive offers counseling, psychiatry, and even dermatology appointments—all remotely.  Not only are patients saving time and money, but I believe services like these are an avenue to decompress urgent care facilities and emergency rooms. takes a different approach to consumer-focused healthcare. Rather than connecting patients with specific doctors, the website lists different procedures, tests, screenings with the lowest price in a given area and a comparison to the national average. Patients can compare prices, buy their procedure, then schedule it at a time that is convenient for them.

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Author: Pam GallagherPamela J. Gallagher is a change agent who deploys the right processes, people, and technology to optimize financial performance for health care operations. With a 20+ year successful record of instilling financial discipline, streamlining processes to maximize revenue, and reduce expense for immediate improvements and long-term results, Pamela knows how to balance the reality of finance with the delivery of excellent patient care. She is a decisive leader who works with people to blend art-of-the-possible and get-the-job-done mentality to produce sustainable change in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments.