Physician dissatisfaction, staff dissatisfaction, and low patient satisfaction are interconnected, common themes in healthcare leadership discussions. While the cycle seems to spiral uncontrollably, it isn’t impossible to manage the processes of healthcare to positively influence outcomes.

Certainly, not all outcomes are positive. Some diseases may only be managed, not cured.   Any number of factors impact patient, physician and staff attitudes. It is possible, though, to systematically modify healthcare organizational cultures to reach goals of a performance excellence philosophy.

Begin with understanding the VISION you seek: To maximize success in the ever-evolving healthcare environment through physician alignment and integration.

Patients, physicians, support staff, and governance, leadership and management representatives of healthcare systems are all key stakeholders in reaching this vision. What do patients seek? What do physicians and support staff seek? What do healthcare system Board Members, Managers and Leaders seek? Patients want to receive the best healthcare at an affordable price. Physicians and staff want to efficiently and effectively deliver quality care.  Healthcare system board members, leaders and managers want quality outcomes for patients and staff, as measured through financial, clinical and service performance indicators.

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Author: Mike Jones