Recently, I had the privilege to be a return guest on the podcast, “The Evolving Role of Leadership in Healthcare.” My part begins in minute 27, but please enjoy the entire episode.
Healthcare organizations that stand out from others typically have one thing in common: investment and commitment to developing their leaders. And as organizations are forced to weather through transformative and disruptive changes in their industry, the strength and fortitude of their leadership team is put to the test. In today’s episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer share a case study that highlights how a public health system embraced new leadership strengths to pivot to address the coronavirus pandemic, and then share four “x-factors” of leadership that can be applied to healthcare. They are joined by Rodney Reider who shares his experience in working with health systems to build effective leadership teams.
Author: Rodney ReiderFor more than 25 years, I have been intimately involved in the healthcare industry and have positioned organizations to adapt to the continuously and rapidly changing healthcare environment. I have worked with boards, physicians, employees and the community to strengthen core services to customers, optimize performance and identify best practices and strategic alliances for new business development.