Often managers and directors are hired because they have become known as experts in their departments or they have been with the organization for several years and want to advance. But are you setting these great employees up for success with this new advancement in their career?

Often in smaller community hospitals, you are asked to be a manager or director of a department for the sheer fact that you are good at what you do. But is that the smart thing to do, without giving these new managers some type of foundation? If you do not have a development program or true manager orientation program, then the answer to that question is no. These otherwise great employees are being set up to fail because you have not done your due diligence as a leader to set them up for success.

They also will not meet the basic expectation of managing their department and staff because they have not been given the tools, resources and knowledge, that would allow them to do that effectively. This can lead to good people being let go through no fault of their own. They do not yet know that development should be their responsibility. They have no coaches to tell them this.

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