No, no news, is not always bad news. Kyle and I finished our 40 days without alcohol as planned. We both savored our success with a beer in Austin, TX. For me, I had just completed the 150 mile MS150 bike ride from Houston to Austin. When you achieve anything worthwhile it feels good and it builds confidence, something most of us can always use more of I have learned that you need to savor these moments because they can be far and few and take away something of value.

What I learned is that what I preach in transition works and it’s always good to practice what you preach. Passion for the outcome, a plan, focusing on one day at a time, a supportive team around you, and accepting that everyday will not go smoothly, but that in the end you will succeed. I will add that I also learned the power of balance. I will not return to the way I was, a drink every day, but would have a certain number of days alcohol free every week. Any achievement needs to not only have a short term result, but must bring long term positive change.

Author: Jim WiederholdJim believes his 39 years of experience--particularly his more than 26 years in healthcare--has prepared him well for what he does. His wealth of experience spans key areas, including finance, operations, management, leadership, sales and sales management, corporate, contingency, contractual and retained recruiting, outplacement and transition work and executive coaching.