There are likely more articles, books, blogs and seminars pertaining to Leadership than any other subject. In addition to our formal education and training as a leader, we have learned leadership traits from mentors, bosses, and other leaders over the years; we’ve learned what aspects of leadership we admire, and consider motivating and successful, AND…WHAT ASPECTS WE DON’T.

As a leader, leadership is not about you. Leadership is about those you serve and support, those you impact around you. I’ve learned over my career that command and control may yield short term gains in performance, and in emergent situations may be needed. However, if the goal is to create and sustain a high performing, forward thinking and dynamic organization and one that attracts the best talent, managing through fear and intimidation will not cut it. Relationships, trust, loyalty and truly caring about people, will build a resilient, loyal, high performing organization.

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Author: Gay NordBold and transparent C-suite leadership that produces exceptional results from the bedside to the Board rooms of investor-owned hospitals and academic medical centers. -- Four-time CEO who delivered combined net revenue growth of $479M at four hospitals. -- Growth Driver recognized for delivering average earnings gains of 57% and market share gains as high as 30% in key service lines. -- Culture Transformation Specialist successful in aligning culture and strategy through collaboration and transparency to achieve groundbreaking advancement in physician and employee engagement. -- Master Facility Planning Expert who launched the largest expansions in the history of each hospital served, from a $600M, 500,000-square-foot addition to a $1B full replacement facility.