I’d like to share a valuable article with you titled “Healthcare Executives in Job Transition.” The author, Dr. Laura Canter, is a Licensed Performance Psychologist. She has worked with professional and elite amateur athletes in a variety of sports, including in the NFL, MLB, tennis and other fields. After completing her graduate studies at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, Laura switched her focus to concentrate on the mental aspects of performance, sharing her philosophy with business executives, high performance athletes and other top performers. In the article, she addresses key questions such as:

1) What do executives in transition need to work on to be successful?

2) What seems to be the most common challenge going into a transition period?

3) What characteristics mark the difference between those who seem to be most successful in transition versus those who seem to struggle with the journey?

People going through transition always seem to struggle with Controllable vs. Uncontrollables, and Dr. Canter has important advice to share with you on how to approach these factors. Key takeaways from the article include:

1) How to understand and be clear about what you can control and what you cannot control.

2) Internal motivation is critical – you have to discover what inspires you. What do you like about your job? Why do you do it?

3) With every job transition, there are “Seven Elements of Excellence,” which will help guide you throughout your transition.

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Author: Jim WiederholdJim believes his 39 years of experience--particularly his more than 26 years in healthcare--has prepared him well for what he does. His wealth of experience spans key areas, including finance, operations, management, leadership, sales and sales management, corporate, contingency, contractual and retained recruiting, outplacement and transition work and executive coaching.