As we all know, challenges and obstacles provide the opportunity for growth. Many of us are aware of this adage, but some individuals and organizations respond differently to a difficult situation than others. The high performing organizations continue their move in striving to better meet the needs of their patients and customers. They are always taking the necessary steps to be the best. In healthcare, it provides high-quality care at the right time in the right place while utilizing the lowest cost option as part of their support and migration into value-based care. In the technological and medical device world the scenario is much the same. They endeavor to improve and grow for the benefit of the patient, physician, nurse, EMS provider and many other of our very admirable caregivers. Depending upon the organizational leadership, the people, process and technological culture of innovation directive strives to operate at the optimal level of innovation by continually reviewing the patient and customer needs. In successful organizations, this accelerates even further during times of challenge.

The recent pandemic has allowed us to view certain healthcare companies who are building upon or reacting rapidly to provide better care during our Covid-19 circumstances. I became aware of one such high-performing company moving promptly and innovatively in the medical device arena in addressing a niche of healthcare necessities. This company is Inovytec.

When viewing the Inovytec advanced products, it is evident leadership places the patient and the caregivers in the center and continues to build upon its prior foundation with the advanced models of medical devices to provide the “power to save lives.” 

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Author: Rodney ReiderFor more than 25 years, I have been intimately involved in the healthcare industry and have positioned organizations to adapt to the continuously and rapidly changing healthcare environment. I have worked with boards, physicians, employees and the community to strengthen core services to customers, optimize performance and identify best practices and strategic alliances for new business development.