Originally featured in Diversity and Equality in Health and Care, Aug. 28, 2020


Population Health invokes an image of helping to improve the health of all within the community however even in recent years a large portion of the community are being further marginalized and failed on a daily basis and this systematic failure is leading to premature deaths and poor health outcomes. Black Lives Matter protests have emphasized the racial disparity evident within the United States and the western world. It’s an opportunity to look beyond the issues of law enforcement and examine one aspect of inequality and examine how Black, Indigenous and People of Colour are impacted by being treated differently within healthcare. Minorities have significantly worse health outcomes than white patients and an understanding needs to occur first and then an evidenced based strategic focus of steps that need to be taken on workplace diversity which can help reduce health disparity within the community and presents value, socially and economically to the healthcare facilities and its surrounding community.  

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Author: Seleem ChoudhuryDr. Seleem R. Choudhury, DNP, is an international clinician and operational executive with a demonstrated record of exceeding clinical and financial metrics, developing talent, redeveloping strategy and service lines in academic hospitals and health systems and community settings, and being a positive deviant facilitating change within healthcare.