When was the last time you had time to ponder a curiosity or seemingly unimportant fact?  Our lives are crazy busy with work, family, chores, and oh, not to mention the pandemic!  It leaves little time for our minds to be free to explore new ideas, ponder existing dilemmas, or rehash a concept for which you still have not stumbled upon a reasonable solution.  Taking time for yourself may seem unimportant given the current state of the world and our nation, but it is necessary for your sanity and personal growth.

If you don’t make time to allow your thoughts to run free and your creativity to go wild and uninhibited, how will you ever explore new concepts beyond your comfortable day-to-day world? 

Finding the space and time to allow free thought can be challenging, but when you build time into your routine, you might be surprised at what you will find buried in your subconscious. The key to achieving this creative state of mind is to find a moment in your day when you are uninterrupted and able to allow your physical self to do a task or activity that keeps it busy while you let your subconscious mind explore new thoughts and ideas.  For example, do you really need to actively think about what you are doing when you take a shower in the morning?  Probably not. You have taken enough showers in your life to be on autopilot.  This is a great time to practice creative thinking and let your mind run free with random thoughts until you come across one you would like to explore more deeply and with more focus.  For me, running is another great example of a time when I don’t need my mind to actively drive my physical activity.

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Author: Renee JensenRenee Jensen is an executive leader and performer with over 19 years of experience developing and leading strategic transformation, innovation, change management, and optimization efforts for healthcare organizations. An expert in public hospital district operations and integrated healthcare systems, she is a trusted and effective leader who values transparency and exhibits the ability to implement cultural change and drive financial results.