It seems we’ve become more self-centered and focused on personal gains and benefits, especially in today’s society. When narrowing our perspectives to “self,” we create resistance to change because our sole focus is “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM).

The realities of our professional and personal lives are that substantive changes and transitions are the norm. For everyone. Technology and the speed of connectivity to others has accelerated the pace of these transitions. Granted, it is human nature and a fact of self-preservation to filter changes, transitions, obstacles, and other events through a lens of WWIFM.

The healthcare industry is full of rapid transition and change. As technology and techniques evolve, so does the care we deliver to patients. No one – especially patients and their families – wants healthcare to be stuck in the status quo. Healthcare should always move forward with innovation to positively benefit patient outcomes.

The bigger picture

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Author: Mike Jones