Nothing like a good ‘ol pandemic to resurrect all those pejorative terms for us “olders:”
  • Senior citizen
  • Elderly
  • Vulnerable
  • Geezer
This will pass – but the terminology will likely persist in our youth-oriented culture.

This week’s article suggests an alternative moniker to all the above. I don’t expect it’s going to get much traction during these times – but it’s worth consideration for yourself going forward. Maybe it will stick if we tag ourselves with it.

Hang in – be safe.

Author: Gary FosterGary Allen Foster is an executive recruiter, retirement and career transition coach, writer, and speaker. He is an over-70 portfolio-career guy and audacious ager dedicated to helping folks in the over-50 crowd adopt a new perspective on how to live longer, live better and with more purpose in the second half. He coaches, speaks and writes publicly on the issues of mid-life career transitions, planning for purposeful retirement and achieving better health and greater longevity. Find his thought-provoking articles and get a copy of his free e-book entitled “Realize Your Full-life Potential: Five Easy Steps to Living Longer, Healthier, and With More Purpose” at