Launching a major capital project is a challenging and rewarding undertaking, especially in health care, where your new facility will transform and save lives. Whether a new hospital, clinic or urgent care, it is critical that you have a strategic plan in place as you navigate the difficult nuances of following a capital project through to completion.

As a longtime hospital CEO and COO, I have seen firsthand what it takes to make the dream of a major capital project come to reality and the challenging path of bringing that project to life. Through the years, I have been involved in more than 15 capital projects and served in a range of capacities from planning and design to work-flow development, equipping and staffing and day-to-day operations after opening day.

We all know that health care construction projects can be even more difficult than building a typical commercial facility. They are highly regulated, intricate and complicated structures that must go through a stringent series of certificates and occupancy inspections by many governing bodies. And rightly so, as these facilities will hold people’s lives in the balance as they provide the highest quality care.