Priorities may be shifting from the status quo for health care executives

According to a recent article written by Rachel Popa for Becker’s ASC Review, healthcare executives are increasingly focusing on revenue growth in outpatient services, according to Advisory Board’s 2019 Health Care CEO survey.

Advisory Board, a research and consulting company, surveyed 90 C-suite leaders between January and March. Fifty-seven percent of respondents said their No. 1 priority was increasing ambulatory access.  Increasing ambulatory access includes changing hours of operation, the number of staff available and the movement of patients through a facility.

The other four top priorities for healthcare executives include:

  1. Minimizing unwarranted clinical variation

  2. Strengthening primary care alignment

  3. Redesigning health system services for population health

  4. Innovative approaches to expense reduction

Status quo: The current state of being

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Author: Mike Jones