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Components to a Successful Transition

Wiederhold & Associates has served every sector of the healthcare industry, so we understand the industry’s issues, its ever-changing environment, and its impact on the needs of employees. The Individual Partnership Quest (IPQ) and the Corporate Transition Program provide career management skills to achieve both short-term goals—job placement—and long-term goals—professional and personal success. The process identifies professional and personal uniqueness and packages it to effectively promote the client to a targeted market as a “unique” product. Understanding that “life is a journey, and not a destination,” we partner with you today and mentor you for the future.

The world we live in now is much different than it was 10 years ago. The same old approach will get you the same old results. You can no longer approach transition the way you did in the past. It is highly competitive now and you need to take your career to the next level. If you do not, you will be looking a very long time or will end up in the wrong position. Transition has become a science, not a mindless process utilizing old and outdated methods.

You need to choose your partner in this journey wisely. Cookie cutter approaches are not effective, programs with very limited time frames no longer work, working with organizations minus key industry relationships will lengthen time out and programs lacking a strategy piece will create roadblocks.

Welcome to our world. Where every program is customized whether you are looking to continue as is, consult, do interim work, start your own business or leave the industry, we will get you there. We are coaches, motivators, advocates and we will hold you accountable. We understand that an individual program must be a joint risk and it must be economically feasible. 


What Makes Us Different

Competitive Pricing

Because we have focused on the continuous improvement of our transition program, which has resulted in shorter times in transition for our clients, we are extremely competitively priced. This has helped us meet the diminishing dollars available for transition yet not compromise the end result. In most instances as a result of the above, we have been able to offer complete programs to clients with the budgeted dollars offered by the organization/sponsor.

Multi-phased Approach

Three Phase Program – very few firms offer this type of program. We believe that recruitment and retention should be combined for true success. That is why we offer for the first six months of new employment an option for our on-boarding process.


Options of various leadership and personality assessments such as Myers Briggs, Hogan Leadership Assessment, DiSC to assist in determining best fit and strengths/weaknesses in executing transition.

Your Resume

Résumé written by one of our expert résumé writers. A résumé will not get you the job/position but is the tool that opens the door and we believe it needs to send the correct message.

Intensive Training and Preparation

Intensive training session with a Wiederhold team member to initiate search with emphasis on face-to-face interviewing skills using BBI approach. Immediate feedback on interviewing skills. A video is taken and shared with the client electronically.

Our Network

Introduction to largest healthcare network in the U.S. The network includes senior healthcare executives, consultants, recruiters and vendors. These are not individuals we do not know, but individuals we have formed long-term relationships with. Our network is strong in every region of the U.S. 

We focus on healthcare. We know the industry. We do not limit ourselves to just the tools we provide you, but we actively introduce you to people who are in a position to make a hiring decision.

We get results and isn’t that what it’s all about?

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How do we develop passion for our journey knowing that without it we will never survive the tough days ahead.


Your attitude determines your altitude. If you take the high road and look for the positive in the challenge people will be attracted to you.


All components are extremely important however the one that must be present at the highest level is confidence. It is a balance of I and we. It reflects a situation where performance is still improving.


Proper planning prevents poor performance. The dream does not become reality until the pen hits the paper. Without a plan there is no accountability. Activity equals results and focus on that which is controllable not on that which is not.


Presentation is important whether it’s in an interview or in an email, when we send a message we want to send the right message. 


How we prepare for our interviews, for our meetings is the best way to both differentiate us and to build confidence.

Self Promotion

Most clients struggle with this component. The reason is that we have a difficult time finding the right balance and knowing when it’s appropriate and when it’s not.  


In the current market supply far exceeds demand. If we don’t understand this component, we get lost in the shuffle. We must differentiate yourself in every step of the transition.

Reference Control

We often forget the importance of controlling our references because we assume that they will always say the right thing. References fall into three categories. 1) Those that sell you well. 2) Those that mean well but do not deliver the message effectively, and 3) Those that do not belong on your reference list. We will help you determine what categories your references fall into.


Of all the components, this is by far the one most neglected. When executed correctly it will clearly separate the client from his/her competition.


Finding that next opportunity, no matter what it is, is a desire. It is a desire because you do not have complete control over it. If you focus on the next job you will create frustration in your process, if you focus on activity, that which is controllable, you will increase your success and at the same time diminish your frustration.


We all have baggage whether it’s generated by business activities or personal. It does not in any shape or form help us move forward. In transition, the “exit story” has to be delivered as a win-win situation and in order to do that, the client needs to change his/her perspective.


About 70% of all jobs are found through networking. Networking is not just about the number of people you know, but about the depth of the relationships. This component is often neglected because it requires human interaction and potential rejection.

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