Joy W. Goldman, RN, MS, PCC

Professionally Certified Leadership Coach/Executive Director of Leadership Coaching

Joy’s passion is inspiring leaders to re-connect to their purpose to improve care for all. Having worked in healthcare for most of her professional life, she is committed to improving the health of the healthcare industry. Just as we have zero tolerance for nosocomial infections and other acquired deleterious patient outcomes, so, also should we have zero tolerance for work environments that are unhealthy for those who work within healthcare.

Joy blends industry expertise, the art and science of coaching, and an ever evolving macro perspective of organizational and human systems of development. She lives and practices numerous polarities that include confidence and humility; structure and flexibility; support and challenge; intellect and emotion; doing and being. She works with leaders to accomplish desired results, while challenging existing belief systems that contribute to  interpersonal and organizational distress. If you like the status quo, Joy is not your resource. If you are fatigued with the imbalance between your work, and the reason you chose to do your work, and are willing to get uncomfortable to achieve better outcomes for all, then Joy would be “overjoyed” to be your partner.

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