Diane Scott

Nursing Executive Leadership Coach

As an experienced consultant in strategic and transformational change, Diane has an extensive background in helping leaders develop and succeed. Her healthcare experience spans three decades as a healthcare administrator, clinician, and graduate school educator. 

A graduate of Georgetown’s Leadership Coaching program, her coaching experience outreach has included world leaders at the United Nations, Fortune 500 companies and with healthcare leaders throughout the world. Her work with the iOpener Institute for People and Performance in Oxford, UK, has assisted individuals, teams, and organizations reach optimal outcomes with extraordinary results. She has worked extensively with supporting healthcare leaders by increasing their capacity for strategic leadership competency in new and existing roles as well. 

As the former Program Director for the Center for American Nurses, she led the initiatives in healthcare design and organizational conflict education and has authored over fifty national publications regarding conflict, leadership development, performance, productivity and business strategy. Serving as graduate faculty at Loyola, New Orleans, Diane specializes in coursework in human resource management and advanced finances.