WIN Wiederhold Intentional Network

The main purpose of the Wiederhold Intentional Network is to take networking from the typical shotgun to the rifle approach or WIN. The keyword to successful networking is intentional.

Now our networking will be much more focused because there will be initial key connecting points.

All parties will benefit joining WIN for the following three reasons: You will expand your network with little effort on a consistent an ongoing basis with individuals at similar level.

You will gain industry intelligence from these key interactions. Most important, you will give back to others as a resource and a catalyst.

Historically purposeful networking is around the following areas:

  • Organizations
  • Markets
  • Areas of Expertise
  • Titles

You will be sent a very short survey that gets you into the WIN program, by capturing information in these areas.

This information will be utilized to more accurately enhance the results of our matching up these networking encounters.

Wiederhold & Associates will track this activity closely and we will limit you to no more than three individuals reaching out to you in a 30-day period. You can of course increase those introductions if you wish to.

We are aware of your time and effort in this and will also monitor those individuals that we set up and do not make the connection because of no effort on their side. These individuals will be eliminated from participation since they distract from the outcomes that a program like this needs.

An example of an introduction could be the following:

Jack is looking for a connection in Houston, Texas. We would like to connect Jack with somebody at Memorial Hermann Health System. He prefers that they be at his level or higher. With those parameters we can narrow the search down to a few selections that meet the criteria and give this encounter more meaning right from the get go.

We then reach out to the individuals chosen and alert them to the fact that Jack will be calling them within the next couple of weeks. We make a short introduction from Jack so that these individuals have some idea of his background and information he is seeking.

Jack then makes the call and connects with these individuals. Once the connection is complete and if Jack happens to be a client of ours, we will send a very short anonymous feedback survey to the individuals with whom he connected. This critical anonymous feedback will help us help Jack become a much better network or/connector.

We are very serious about this network and its success. We would appreciate you being part of it. Merely fill out the Word file (saving it on your computer) and email it to Jaylene Elmslie who will follow up with you.