Letter of Recommendation September 2017

Wiederhold & Associates is a team of experienced professionals with exceptional depth and methods in career advancement, transition, and onboarding. The Wiederhold Network is one of the most comprehensive and connected organizations in the country. I gained exceptional value from the network introductions and the systematic coaching through transition, advancement, and onboarding.

The Wiederhold methods provide clarity and structure with coaching in concise and effective messaging; personal reflection and insight; cadence of accountability in collaboration with coaches; and focus on the controllable activity in building your career connections (e.g. calls, interview preparation, mining to expand connectivity, introductions, learnings, applications, resumes, emails, positioning, selling yourself, tracking templates, concise value proposition).

My only regret is not using the Wiederhold Network earlier in my career. I highly recommend Wiederhold & Associates.

Mark Slyter,

President & CEO