EHR Communications

Tim Dzyacky has more than ten years of experience working with executives in the healthcare industry. He successfully positions executives as well as their products and services in an increasingly competitive marketplace, enabling executives to more rapidly meet their career objectives and business goals by building relationships with key influencers and decision makers.

Tim is a communications expert with a proven track record addressing all segments of the healthcare industry, including hospitals, insurers, technology providers, manufacturers and independent physician associations. He effectively differentiates executives in key areas such as quality, leadership, expertise and experience, and he develops strategies for executives that enable them to effectively engage colleagues using social media.

Clients who have partnered with Tim include APS Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, The Broadlane Group (now MedAssets), Long-Term Care Partners, The Hartford, HealthOne Alliance, Hamilton Healthcare System, and Hewlett-Packard.

Tim’s experience includes managing the delivery of video-based executive messaging over the web; developing websites and other assets to support the marketing and sales of healthcare products and services; managing the production of an executive-level magazine with a distribution to more than 100,000 individuals; and coordinating technology product launches generating annual revenues up to $50 million.