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I have 15+ years of writing experience, hold an executive M.B.A and master’s degree in public administration, including the industry’s top certification in résumé writing and LinkedIn online profile writing. After serving on active duty for eight years in the U.S. Army, I returned to the civilian workforce. I founded Writing With A Flair because I wanted to provide résumé writing services based on the importance of translating transferable skills for college students preparing for an entry-level position, mid-level professionals seeking a career change or promotion, servicemembers transitioning to the private sector, and refining accomplished-focused résumés for senior executives and leaders to meet today's job market demand.

At Writing With A Flair, my goal is to help you land an interview with an optimized résumé based on the portals and tools used for hiring, ranking and filtering résumés. Companies and recruiters use an automated process and algorithm based on keywords, word count, measurable results, hard skills, soft skills and job title. Over 98% of Fortune 500 Companies also use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to ensure the content of your résumé matches a job description. ATS will extract your education, location and contact information, as well as a score and match rate that is calculated based on the frequency match of skills in a job description and your résumé. Allow us to write your optimized résumé using tools based on common best practices to align work history and relevant skills that closely match a targeted job description you provide to achieve an optimal match rate of 80% or higher.

Another service I offer clients to help them gain a competitive edge on the hiring process is called 'Tailoring Resume to Targeted Job' using a Targeted Job Description (TJD) provided by the client. It's an additional service for one job description per comparison run in a database I use to compare a final revised resume to the TJD to see if the client's resume is a good match for that TJD a company is seeking to fill, which receiving a match score of 80% is optimal. The client also receives a copy of the comparison report to see the results themselves.