Jaylene Elmslie, Career Transition Specialist

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Jaylene Elmslie started working for Jim Wiederhold in January 2007 when her own husband (Jim) was a transition client, learning how to network by cold calling people he knew very well and others not so much. It was an eye-opening experience of how vast the Wiederhold network was yet is still growing.

Jaylene has been a Career Transition Specialist for over five years and loves fostering client relationships and learning about their lives; it is especially rewarding to work with some individuals helping transform from stunned at what happened to confident enough to walk into an office suite unannounced and introduce themselves to increase their network. She has been known to take a call in the evening if needed to support and encourage but is not hesitant to point out lack of effort too. Her happiest days are when a client she is working with accepts a job offer and is moving on to their next opportunity.

Client Testimonials:

  • Jaylene is like family. I'm able to talk with her about everything.