Wiederhold & Associates offers a wide variety of services to help clients meet their career development needs. From our personalized Individual Partnership Quest (IPQ) to informative seminars, the goal of our unique approach to career management and transition services is to provide our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful. Our services include:

Corporate Transition Program - This program allows the sponsoring organization to outsource the management of impacted employees, which reduces costs and time associated with this important task, while ensuring positive results for both the employee and the organization.

Individual Partnership Quest - (IPQ) - Sponsored by the individual, this program identifies professional and personal uniqueness and packages it to effectively promote the client to a targeted market as a “unique” product.

Coaching Programs - programs to enhance executive careers.

Outplacement/Career Transition Seminars - One- and two-day seminars are designed to help individuals with successful transitions and cover areas such as identifying their assets and objectives, dealing with loss, and polishing their interviewing skills.

Active Network Program - Networking in the industry with leads, introductions, and access to proprietary information.

Wiederhold Seminar Series - Every other month we will invite renowned speakers to present on various healthcare related topics.

Get Linked! Information on a variety of networking and engagement opportunities Wiederhold & Associates promotes.

Additional Vendor Services - Fee-for-service assistance that may be of interest to healthcare professionals.

For more information on any program, please contact us.