Outplacement/Career Transition Seminars

One and Two Day Outplacement/Career Transition Seminars

We have served the healthcare industry for 20 years in outplacement/career transition, and organizations and individuals can benefit from our experience through our Outplacement/Career Transition Seminars.


We offer two options: A one-day seminar (6-7 hours) or a two-day seminar (14-16 hours).

  • Both options cover the same topics; however, the two-day seminar goes more in depth into the topics and more strongly prepares participants for success in the job market. It also provides for more time for group interaction during the seminar.
  • We limit the group size for the most effective results – up to 20 individuals at a time.
  • Each participant receives a manual at no additional cost.

Follow Up

The cost of the seminar includes access to our toll-free number for free advice on topics covered in the seminar for two months following the completion of the seminar.

For more details or pricing, please contact us and we can give you a customized quote.