Nursing Leadership Program

Diane Scott, RN, MSN, ACC

Nursing Leadership Teams:

Team Coaching is different from training in that it specifically targets the needs of a group, while providing direction to challenge them to meet a targeted outcome. Teams that can benefit from our approach include:

  • High functioning teams wishing toexpand their capacities
  • Teams experiencing significant changes or challenges
  • Newly formed Nursing Leadership Teams

We incorporate operations management skills like SMART goal setting, strategy and business plan development, customer service, HCAHPS, performance management, conflict resolution, and crucial conversations in our sessions.

Nursing Leaders are extraordinarily influential in carrying out the mission and vision of any healthcare organization. As a result, their leadership has a direct effect on the quality and fiscal outcomes that are of vital importance to an organization.

At Wiederhold & Associates, we know an organization can optimally increase a nursing leaders’ capacity for successful outcomes through professional Nursing Leadership Coaching. It is the single most powerful way for a leader to achieve their potential for superior leadership, strategic thinking, and measurable results. Coaching is customized to every situation and organization, with outcomes driven models implemented to ensure success.

Who can benefit?

Senior Nursing Executives:

Nursing Executives who receive coaching services feel valued. They witness the investment that an organization is willing to make in them for their personal growth and development. The types of Nurse Executives that can benefit from our services include:

  • Newly hired Nursing Executives who wish to position themselves out of the gate for great success
  • High potential Nurse Executives who can benefit from expanding their strategic thinking
  • Nursing Executives facing significant challenges for themselves or for their organization
  • Nurse Executives who want to continue to provide optimal leadership for the patients and the people who care for them

Nursing Directors and Managers:

Undoubtedly, their roles are very challenging and significant as they are the direct leaders for the caregivers of your organization. The success they have in their roles has a direct and immediate effect on the quality of patient care and the retention of the best caregivers. Leadership coaching optimally provides sustainable results because every nursing leader has a unique background of experiences, capacities, and leadership skills. Nursing Directors and Managers that can benefit from our services include:

  • Nursing Leaders that are new or emerging into the role as Director or Manager
  • Challenged Nursing Leaders who are called to lead in difficult circumstances
  • Nursing Leaders who have been in their roles but would benefit from increasing their capacity as leaders in the organization

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