Networking Program

For a minimal investment to you our Networking Package will include the following services over a 45 day period:

  • Introduction to a minimum of 12 people in our network. We will get you connected as close as possible to specific organizations, industry niches, or geographic locations that you are interested in.
  • Key introductions will include consulting and search firms.
  • Access to specific Wiederhold transition program materials.
  • Partner with an Executive Navigator/Consultant to learn networking tools and strategies, and develop a powerful network introduction.
  • Partner with an Executive Navigator/Consultant to navigate through Wiederhold’s resources.
  • One hour session with Jim Wiederhold prior to the network introductions to address any areas the client desires.
  • Talk with at least three key references that would validate your credentials, expertise and work.

Client Deliverables:

  • One of the goals of networking is to get at least three new contacts out of every individual the client networks with. When you consider most people know at least 100 people in the industry, this is a very doable goal.
  • Complete six questions for each individual connected with through Wiederhold & Associates.
  • Complete all program materials prior to introductions.

The value of these services well exceeds the investment. Join and increase your leverage in our industry by networking with members that can assist you in taking your career to the next level.