Executive Onboarding Program

Studies show that an average of 50% of newly hired executives not appropriately onboarded, either quit or were fired within their first three years. Wiederhold & Associates is perfectly positioned to be your partner in ensuring that your investment in new executives continues to reap long term rewards, rather than ending up with the above mentioned results.

The tangible and intangible costs associated with a poorly designed onboarding process, or lack thereof, are significant. A well-designed executive onboarding process can help accelerate strategic outcomes, rebuild customer relationships, and establish the brand value and infrastructure for sustainable future success.

We do not believe in cookie-cutter approaches and strive to incorporate flexibility, accountability and predictability in our programs. We know that investing in human capital early on will define not only the leader’s success in the role, but also the organization’s overall success. We partner with you in securing long term benefits and return on investment.

A successful onboarding program accelerates the executive’s breakeven point on the investment the organization has made in talent acquisition and retention, as well as, aligns behavioral changes with organizational outcomes and goals.

Results are just as important as the process. The Wiederhold & Associates team with 26 years of transition expertise in healthcare, focuses on tangible results in addition to ensuring a smooth transition.

The Wiederhold & Associates onboarding program is tailored around the following broad areas:

  • Scope of work
  • Project approach
  • Project deliverables
  • Fees/expenses
  • Terms/conditions

Key program strategies include:

  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Clarifying strategic results and creating new ones
  • Managing expectations
  • Building relationships and coalitions
  • Managing intellectual and emotional reactions
  • Maintaining balance
  • Aligning and strengthening the leadership team
  • Completing in-process assessments

Specific areas of focus are:

  • Executive’s personality and behaviors
  • Alignment of goals/outcomes
  • Building stakeholder lists
  • Focusing on early wins
  • Navigating organizational politics
  • Learning organization’s culture
  • Maintaining visibility
  • Time management
  • Balancing relationships/results
  • Enhancing executive’s knowledge of the organization’s market
  • Understanding organizational history
  • Assessing skills and behaviors
  • Building confidence
  • Developing executive’s team dynamics
  • Enhancing communication
  • Creating a Business Journal
  • Establishing a brand
  • Empowering the executive’s voice within the organization
  • Managing change
  • Maintaining balance

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