Emotional Intelligence Program

Sharon Carter, PhD

At Wiederhold & Associates, we know an organization can maximize its leadership potential and effectiveness through professional coaching focused on emotional intelligence. The Wiederhold & Associates’ Emotional Intelligence Training Program for Healthcare Executives integrates work/life balance, personal fulfillment, and resiliency training because these are key elements essential for continued growth as a leader. A coach not only helps assess areas for improvement, but develops an action plan around the chosen areas, and holds the executive accountable for deliverable results based on the strategies and tactics customized to the individual plan. This ensures true behavioral change and success and is what sets us apart from all the “canned” programs or services available, either offered individually or company sponsored.

Today’s healthcare executives have never faced greater leadership challenges: fast-paced, competitive business environment; frequent interruptions; “face time” communication being replaced by “screen time” messaging; lack of recuperative time; and unclear focus, to name but a few. These challenges are taking their toll, both professionally and personally, on executives who do not have highly developed emotional intelligence competencies. More than intelligence or technical expertise, it is emotional intelligence that separates top performers from the rest of the pack. Research results validate that between 67% and 85% of a top performing leader’s success is attributable to emotional intelligence competencies.

What exactly is emotional intelligence?

What exactly is emotional intelligence?

With so many emotional intelligence training programs out there, how can you be sure that you are getting what you need?

The Wiederhold program has three key components to ensure long-term success and impact, and deliver sustainable results.


First, we begin with an in-depth assessment of you, your current position, career aspirations, and importantly, your emotional intelligence strengths and weaknesses. Action Plan

Next, we utilize the assessment data to formulate an individualized, behavioral, and actionable plan to build the emotional intelligence competencies you need to reach your goals. A plan is not any good if it is not implemented, so we hold you accountable for implementing the recommended strategies and help you fine-tune your efforts. The right coach can quadruple the return on your investment over training alone, so an emotional intelligence coach is a must.


Lastly, our program focuses on emotional regulation training. Skills cannot work if not implemented at the right time, in the right way. The biggest obstacle? Emotional dysregulation —losing your emotional centeredness. Strong negative emotions de-rail the best of plans and the best of intentions because they shift our focus from problem-solving to survival (self-interest in the moment). It is critical to learn how to quickly emotionally regulate to reduce the damaging effects of executive stress, shift out of emotions that interfere with quality thinking and decision-making, into emotions that actually facilitate cognition and peak performance.

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