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Wiederhold & Associates has over 25 years of expertise in transition, both internal and external, on-boarding, executive coaching/succession planning, and outplacement. We have one of the most active and extensive networks in the healthcare industry comprised of seasoned executives, vendors, recruiters and consulting firms. 

Our Premium Active Network Group (PANG) package includes the following services with a minimal investment of $120 a year.

  • PANG Members Who Are Company Owners - We will assist you in promoting your services/products to our entire Wiederhold & Associates’ network. There are several steps involved and we will make an enthusiastic endorsement once we have had the opportunity to vet the member’s organization. This type of promotion can also be applied to individuals in transition. This can lead to a potential strategic partnership with Wiederhold & Associates.
  • Leads List - Members will receive the leads list every other week to their designated e-mail address.
  • Six Information Questions - Members can, with our approval, share questions with our entire network on subjects related to healthcare. Members will receive all responses and contact information from respondents. This is a very efficient way to gain knowledge and increase one's network in a very short period of time.
  • Articles - Members can have two approved articles distributed to the entire Wiederhold & Associates’ network. Being seen as a subject matter expert is one of the best ways to promote oneself.
  • Career Advice - One 30-minute coaching session (topic of your choice) each quarter with Jim Wiederhold, President or Chris Ekrem, VP Business Development & Operations, depending upon availability. A completed pre-call preparation form will be required.
  • Claire Sakaoka - Claire is a social networking/digital marketing expert and a public relations professional. She specializes in building/repairing individual and professional brands online. In addition, she helps start-up businesses work from inception to launch and beyond - from logo to website design and all the marketing/branding efforts along the way. Claire will spend 30 minutes gratis sharing her expertise with our premium active network members.
  • Cynthia Hanson and Margo Flores, EMBA, MPA, CPRW, NCOPE – One of our expert resume writers will spend 15 minutes gratis with members providing feedback on the design and content of their resumes as well as other questions related to her expertise.
  • Wiederhold Intentional Network (WIN)- You have the option to become a member of the WIN network. The main purpose is to take networking from the typical shotgun method to a focused rifle approach. Networking becomes intentional because there will be initial key connecting points such as market, titles, areas of expertise, and organizations. All parties benefit because of three reasons: 1) Expand your network with little effort on a consistent ongoing basis with individuals at a similar level. 2) Gain industry intelligence from key interactions. 3) Most important, give back to others as a resource and a catalyst. As a WIN member, we will never send more than three introductions per month (unless you want more). We will reciprocate with three introductions to you per month.

The value of these services well exceeds the investment. Join and increase your leverage in our industry by being a Premium Active Network Group member. Click on the Subscribe button at the top right and begin your annual subscription for $120.00.

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