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Wiederhold & Associates has over 25 years of expertise in transition, both internal and external, as well as executive coaching. We have one of the most active and extensive networks in the healthcare industry comprising seasoned executives, vendors, recruiters and consulting firms.

We have a premium active network package which will include the following services with a minimal investment of $120 a year.

  • Free Webinars - Once a month we will invite renowned speakers to present on various healthcare related topics. These online sessions will be free to only Premium Active Network members and current clients. You can download a copy of our Webinar Calendar. Past webinar recordings are available to view on the website.
  • Leads List - members will receive this every other week to their designated email addresses.
  • Premium active network members job openings - over the years we have had significant success in attracting qualified candidates for director level positions and above through our active network. Members can post six of these openings per year anonymously or with direct response to them. All position description/announcements need to be approved by Wiederhold & Associates prior to distribution.
  • Proprietary documents - members will have access to our resources in the area of career transition. These documents are consistently updated on our website.
  • Six information questions - members can, with our approval, share questions with our entire network on subjects related to healthcare. Members will receive all responses and contact information from respondents. This is a very efficient way to gain knowledge and increase one's network in a very short period of time.
  • Articles - members can have two approved articles distributed to the entire Wiederhold & Associates network. Being seen as a subject matter expert is one of the best ways to promote oneself.
  • LinkedIn Group - members will have access to our private LinkedIn group and its discussions on topics that are relevant to our industry today.
  • Premium active network members who are company owners - we will assist you in promoting your services/products to our entire Wiederhold & Associates’ network. There are several steps involved and we will make an enthusiastic endorsement once we have had the opportunity to vet the member’s organization. This type of promotion can also be applied to individuals in transition.

The following consultants will provide a free introductory call to Active Network Members:

  • Cynthia Hanson - Cynthia is an expert in developing high-powered resumes and bios. Her services focus on recruiter ready, interview winning resumes. Cynthia will spend 15 minutes gratis with members providing feedback on the design and content of their resumes as well as other questions related to her expertise.
  • Sharon Carter, Ph.D. - a seasoned clinical psychologist and executive coach with 30+ years of excellence in behavioral and healthcare organizations. Sharon is an expert in the subject of Emotional Intelligence and HeartMath and will spend 30 minutes with premium active network members gratis to introduce them to the basic concepts of emotional intelligence and its importance in leadership today.
  • Debra Honey - a seasoned nurse executive now with Honey consulting Inc. Her expertise is in quality and safety as well as nursing services, nursing operational leadership and operation support. Gaining expanded competencies in quality and safety provides a demonstrative competitive advantage to senior executives in our field. Debra will spend 30 minutes with our premium active network members gratis sharing her insight on quality and safety.
  • EHR Communications - EHR Communications is Tim Dzyacky's company and he is an expert in social networking. His services provide in-depth LinkedIn briefing sessions and LinkedIn profile development. Tim will spend 30 minutes gratis with our premium network members sharing his expertise with them and fielding their questions.

The value of these services well exceeds the investment. Join and increase your leverage in our industry by being a premium active network member.

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