Recommendation Managing Director

Managing Director

Having Joy as an executive coach is the greatest benefit my health system has provided me as part of my professional development

What has been most helpful is that while some executive coaches focus on "dealing" with other people, Joy's focus has been completely on me - understanding myself, and dealing with me and how I view myself. Once I gained an understanding and apprection of my skills and personality, I was much more capable to interact with other people and respond appropriately to difficult situations.

Joy's optimism and energy is infectious. Her spirit and genuine interest into my well being led to immediate trust and a bond of friendship.

One of the factors that has kept me using Joy's coaching for almost two years is the holistic and balanced approach. Joy's focus on the whole person - the professional, the relational, and the spiritual leads to true growth and development. This approach ensures that the individual finds balance in life - not just work.

Joy's emphasis is true personal growth - not tricks or tactics.

Working with Joy, the professional and personal growth I've experienced is some of the hardest work I have ever done. Joy challenges you, she pushes you but always lifts you up. It is the phone call I look forward to most every week.

Managing Director