Recommendation Dr. Nygaard

Dr. Thomas Nygaard

As a physician and especially as a physician leader, one of the most difficult things we have to do is have an open, honest and introspective study of our own values, behaviors and motivations. Clearly we have gone into medicine because of a desire to serve and a desire to help our patients. We soon learn that we can contribute more to a larger group of patients by exercising leadership at any one of a number of levels within our medical communities or health systems. We can be more effective by having a realistic perception of how we are viewed by others.

Most of us require objective external evaluation in order to accurately see ourselves through the eyes of patients, our staff, and our colleagues. We will find areas of our persona, which can clearly be modified and improved. External evaluation and ongoing development by a professional coach can be extremely valuable to those who clearly want to perform at the highest level for their patients, community and or organization. Strong athletes uniformly look upon coaching as a valuable career long and prolonging tool for learning and self improvement. Physicians are often reluctant to seek outside evaluation and input. However, we should emulate athletes and not be hesitant to use coaches to help us to improve as physicians, physician leaders, and individuals.

Dr. Thomas Nygaard, MD, FACP; Senior VP; Chief Medical Officer; Centra Health