Letter of Recommendation - September 2014

September 2014

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Wiederhold & Associates. I have known Jim and members of his team for approximately 9 years. I recently had the opportunity to utilize outplacement services. I immediately contacted them, as opposed to the company recommended by my former employer.

Jim and his team have the depth of knowledge, critical connections and big picture understanding of the changes in the healthcare environment. They are organized, disciplined, empathetic, and tremendously helpful in their review/evaluation of each candidate's career goals, choices, and path. They challenge you to rethink what is important to you individually, while supporting your desire to grow and become a better leader.

Being "in transition" is not easy. Jim's resourcefulness is very evident. There is no such thing as 7 degrees of separation with Jim Wiederhold. I have come to believe that at most, there are only 2 degrees of separation (ie. connections) between him and anyone in the healthcare field.

I would recommend them without reservation to anyone in transition. I can be reached for further inquiry via the contact information below (can be provided).

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