Letter of Recommendation - Rhodes

I could never have estimated the deep value I would derive from working with Joy – nor could I have foreseen how our connection would develop through our coaching conversations. She helped create a space in which I could express both my dreams and vulnerability, holding me safe while at the same time encouraging me to stay as close to the edge as possible. I still hear her questions as I map my way through some life-changing decisions, smiling as I remember how exhausted I sometimes felt at the end of our sessions and now joyfully and curiously navigating by those same questions. I hold a clear image of our sessions together – each of us able to explore our own journeys, separately and together, and engaged in a kind of dance that seemed to emerge in form and shape rather than conform to any model or framework. Perhaps most importantly we took time to celebrate, even the smallest of movements, and that’s a lesson that I will cherish as I continue on my life’s journey.

Jacqui Scholes Rhodes