Letter of Recommendation - October 2015

October 15, 2015

In April of 2014 I was facing a situation I had never faced in over 25 years of successful employment. I stepped away from a position without having secured a new one and I did so from a position of inexperience. I had never faced what might be a prolonged unemployment and like many busy executives had sadly let my professional network lapse with the exception of a select few individuals. On a reference from a colleague I contacted Wiederhold and Associates and spoke with Jim Wiederhold for thirty minutes on the telephone as he described his outplacement program.

Jim did not “sell” me but merely described his approach to outplacement and networking. Jim was easy to speak with and we made an almost instant personal connection. After brief consideration I took the next step and entered the Wiederhold network as client. The Wiederhold approach is somewhat prescriptive if you follow the recommendations, which I did. However the dividends this methodology pays are amazing. My search took 16 months but I was leaving a CEO position in a smaller hospital in a niche specialty. I was also leaving a difficult situation and was overly cautious about vetting any organization I was considering.

My journey was long but between direct interactions with Jim and my Wiederhold Navigator, Jaylene, it was successful. I define successful not only as having landed a great job with an organization that appreciates the talent I bring, but in the dozens of colleagues and friends I have made in the process. I literally met or spoke to hundreds of people across the country and some of them have become amazing friends. In fact one of these new contacts found the opportunity I accepted and was never part of that organization! During my journey I always felt supported by Jim and Jaylene, even during some rough patches.

In short, I would recommend Wiederhold and Associates to anyone on a search. The expanse of the network, the dedication and of the staff and Jim’s energy will benefit anyone on a similar employment journey. I will be more than happy to speak to anyone who would like a personal reference.


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