Letter of Recommendation - May 2013

To Potential Wiederhold & Associates Clients

In 2011 my wife and I made the decision to try to relocate from Kentucky to Texas to be closer to her family. Initially, I attempted to accomplish the transition on my own. My attempt was admittedly weak, but I did network with someone who suggested I call Wiederhold & Associates. This person told me that Jim and his staff would help with my transition and would teach me some valuable lessons that would benefit me professionally going forward. This intrigued me enough to call Jim to learn more. I am a CFO so it took me a while to decide to let go of the money required to engage Wiederhold & Associates, but eventually I did. It was a rewarding experience, and I highly recommend Wiederhold if you are wanting to transition to a new position. There are a lot of components to the transition services that Jim and his staff provide so I could produce quite a lot of detail about my experience, but for me the top three benefits were:

Improving Interview Skills – Very soon after engaging Wiederhold & Associates I spent a day with Jim doing a mock interview. For a laid back guy like me this was an intense day. Jim did a thorough mock interview that was video recorded (he provided me a DVD of the interview) and followed by a step by step critique of the interview. I am not a strong interviewer so this was tremendously helpful to me and improved my interview skills dramatically. Before each phone or face to face interview that I had, I studied Jim’s critique notes and watched the DVD approaching each interview very prepared and continuously improving each time.

Networking Contacts and Skills – Jim has a tremendous network and connected me with a lot of people. In addition, he teaches networking skills that proved to be invaluable during my transition process and will stick with me forever. I made contacts through Jim’s network that have become strong acquaintances – people who I will continue to stay in touch with. During this process I was able to speak with many senior executives that would have never taken my call if not for the Wiederhold introduction. It was a member of the Wiederhold network that passed my name to the recruiter for the job to which I ultimately transitioned.

Coaching – There were ups and downs throughout my transition. Jim was there to advise and counsel me through each of these issues - each time not only helping through that particular issue but providing me new knowledge and skills. There is so much more to the Wiederhold & Associates transition services, but for me these three were the most valuable. It was a rewarding experience that resulted in achieving the goal set forth for my family, obtaining a good new position, and developing skills that for me were weak or non-existent before. In addition, I gained a good friend in Jim Wiederhold.

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