Letter of Recommendation March 2016

March, 2016

Dear Jim,

I wanted to take a few minutes to send you this letter of gratitude and for your use as a reference.

What now feels like a lifetime ago, I met you through a networking call after I had been severed from my position of 9 years due to merger and re-organization activity. From the beginning - your accessibility, your insight, your depth of experience and perspective on executives in transition was understandable - even though I found myself in the tailspin of being unemployed.

The journey of transition is a hardy adventure that takes endurance and drive - that energy came from my inner soul. And you brought to my journey several incredibly important pieces - the map for the journey, the tools I needed to use along the journey, and the exercises to get me back in shape for searching for my next great opportunity. On top of all of these important pieces, you provided the inspiration and clarity to get through the lows, ride out the highs and zero in on the correct position.

Executives in transition are special people. No one teaches us in school or during our careers about this phase in the path to become a leader. Smart, focused, creative executives find themselves in transition. You and the Wiederhold team of specialists truly understand who we are as individuals and as professionals. Your commitment to bringing expertise to use during a stressful time; like expert skills in updating our resume and the development of a LinkedIn profile and the skills to use this powerfule search tool, are the basics that allow us to stand up.

I'd also like to share that your webinars, podcasts and basic formula of putting your network together and pursuing the relationsips in your network was instrumental to my success. The sharing of your deep network of contacts including recruiter, industry leaders and just amazing professionals broadened my reach beyond expectations. As you know, I did not like making daily network calls, but with your support, I learned its importance and warmed up to its contribution in my transition. As a result of the mix between my contacts and your contacts, the formula of daily reach outs and regular follow-up, and the skills you gave me in my transition, I secured my new opportunity. I also reflect that I had secured several additional interviews that I needed to back away from due to securing a new role.

A letter like this truly cannot express my indebtedness to you and your team. I will never allow my network to sleep again and I remain committed to weekly networking calls to keep my network fresh. Further, I learned from you that my transition was a time to honor who I was as a person, a professional and why I truly believe in the mission of leading a healthcare organization. Thank you for holding the lantern and for being my partner on this journey.

However I can help you - and those you work with - you have my commitment. Please just reach out.

My very best to you for an amazing 2016.

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