Letter of Recommendation - March 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to provide this letter of reference for Wiederhold & Associates.

I was first introduced to Jim Wiederhold in Chicago in March 2010. I had just been made aware that my contract for my international position that I was currently in was going to be cancelled due to the downturn in the economy. My family and I were living and working on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. Needless to say, I was numb knowing that I was for the first time in my career going to be unemployed. I was lost as to what my next move was going to be and how I was going to find my next position when I was 8,000 miles away. After meeting Jim I knew that his company could help me through this transition.

Jim, or a member of his team, met with me weekly. His organized approach to how to set up a strong network was invaluable. When I moved back to the States in July, I had already been on 3 site visits for potential positions.

The months that followed were stressful but Jim and his team always had a way of keeping the goal in front of me and never letting me get overwhelmed. In November I accepted a position as CEO of _____ Regional medical Center; a position that I obtained through the network that Jim helped me build.

I underestimated the value of a strong network and how powerful it can be. Jim continues to assist me even now through mentoring me on keeping a strong network and giving back to it.

I strongly recommend Jim Wiederhold.

Thank you.

Name Withheld for Privacy