Letter of Recommendation - January 2011

To whom it may concern,

It is a pleasure and honor to provide a testimonial for a man whom I have known for seven years. Jim Wiederhold has my unqualified recommendation to help you help yourself become a better healthcare professional.

Having been a member of the Armed Forces for over 20 years, I had been somewhat cloistered from current healthcare management and therefore found myself at a disadvantage getting interviews and moving forward in the search process. I just had not had experience in the commercial marketplace. Jim talked with me, got to know my wife and family and engaged himself in understanding what I brought and what I did not. He then developed a specific list of contacts with whom he expected me to call and by doing so, would develop professional networking skills that would complement my existing skill set and bolster areas in which I was weak. I succeeded in doing both and landed a job as well as expanded my professional network.

I found myself needing to reach back out to Jim again last year when the economy’s collapse finally caught up with my prior employer. I found Jim’s program of hands on and nonstop networking had been enriched with an active professional development program led by a couple of licensed specialists. The insights and strengths developed as the result of his enriched development sessions and testing has given me additional insights into my character and managerial blind spots and thereby helped me regain a confident mindset and sharpen my saw to a competitive edge.

The most telling experience with Jim has been through his list of networking individuals with whom I was connected. I asked Jim for someone with insights into Maine’s healthcare market. This CFO responded to my request for market insights by walking me through the business environment and major players while he quizzed me about his concerns at his current operations in Ohio. We found my skill set would provide him support dealing with problems he was facing and here lies an additional strength of Jim. He has a knack of putting folks together who are looking for answers to similar questions from the various angles of our industry. We discussed my interests in the Maine marketplace during the first conversation and just barely touched on his concerns. The second call was about split evenly so that at the end of that conversation, I was asked to agree to a conference call with their COO and CMO. This interview went very well and as a result, I was asked to come onsite to interview for a job that had up until then only been a concept. This interim position’s transition was short. I was offered a full time job with an outstanding future in a growing integrated network; a true testament to Jim’s strategy and coaching.

Jim and I talk to this day about his and my extracurricular activities and interests as well as trends in the industry. I can’t hold a candle to Jim’s networking skills and knowledge of the players but he has treated me and my family with care and his networking assignments and connections have evolved into something of which I could only have dreamed.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jim and his team’s approach to developing oneself and one’s network as the means to grow professionally. It allows you to gain new insights from your colleagues, continually practice your interviewing skills until it no longer is poses a problem. Instead I found them to be opportunities to discover by repeatedly walking people through objective discussions that demonstrate points I needed to make if I was to accept my charge to grow professionally. Finally, it allows us to uncover the wealth of job opportunities that are out there for those who are known via networking before the hundreds of other resumes flood recruiters’ desks … many times before a job is even advertised.

One final thing I would like to say about Jim is that he pushed me when I needed to be, gave me room to work through issues when I needed that and has gained my respect and admiration as a professional in my chosen industry.

I am available to discuss my experience with Jim Wiederhold at any time.

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