Letter of Recommendation February 2017

When I found myself needing a new position, I discovered my well-honed leadership skills had not prepared me for the arduous journey to my next executive role. Jim Wiederhold and his outstanding team moved me through their proven system (essentially a personal SWOT analysis) and then guided me through a highly personalized development plan. They cover all the bases- from resume improvement to social media and interview performance. What really sets Wiederhold & Assoc. apart however, is their near-fanatical focus on professional network development and utilization. This arena is where most executive leadership positions are found, yet even after years of active participation in professional associations, I was ill-equipped to understand how to use "the network" to my advantage. Jim, Mitali and Erin were with me every month helping me to grow, improve and use my own and their network until I was receiving offers. They then provided tools to determine which positions provided my best personal and professional fit and they remained by my side during the offer, negotiation and contract stages. After a long and difficult experience, I am now in a fantastic role in a position that is perfect for my strengths and experience. I don't wish to go through any of that again, but if I have to, I'm far better equipped to excel through any future job search.