Letter of Recommendation - February 2015

To the Team of Wiederhold & Associates

It is with a sense of true gratitude that I write this letter of recommendation for Jim and his team of caring professionals. The services that this team provide are exceptional and the professionalism that they display is enriching. Having never used an outplacement service before, I was unsure what to expect. Jim and his team took me under their wing and did everything possible to prepare me for my search, and stayed with me, giving guidance throughout my entire transition. The network that is accessible would have been impossible for me to build on my own. Their knowledge of the ever changing healthcare field is imperative for those who are in a time of transition.

Jim and his team were a God-send for me and I am thankful for all that they did to guide me, motivate, and inspire me to continue to believe in myself and my future.

Name Withheld for Privacy