Letter of Recommendation August 2018

I was unexpectedly placed in transition nine months ago as a hospital CEO.  Never being in transition, it was an experience that greatly impacted me and my professional life.  I had the opportunity with my former employer to select an outplacement service to assist me in transition.  Wiederhold & Associates was the necessary coach that I needed.

The Wiederhold approach has well-organized resources that assisted me as I started transition.  While many of those services would be found in other outplacement services such as resume writing, mock interviews, decision making criteria, I found that there were two items in particular that differentiated the Wiederhold experience.   The Wiederhold Intentional Network and the Career Transition Specialist were value-additions that I did not anticipate

The Wiederhold Intentional Network (WIN) is a voluntary collection of healthcare executives that have agreed to support colleagues in transition.  Many of these individuals have been in transition in the past.  This helped to build contacts beyond my personal reach.  It was highly effective.  To be honest, the repetition of my introduction, my elevator speech, my exit story all helped me restore my confidence as I presented myself to prospective employers.  I found the WIN network to help me re-build my own respect for my abilities and accomplishments.

I also had an outstanding Career Transition Specialist in Michelle Carter-Banzhaf.  She and I would routinely meet each week to review my progress, check in with how contacts were being made and also to check my state of mind.  This was particularly helpful as I welcomed the opportunity to learn, to share and vent my frustrations and challenges and to develop my skillset.  I would practice with Michelle so that I went into each opportunity prepared.  Many would consider our weekly meetings potentially redundant, but these meetings helped level-set me as to the wins and disappointments of the past week as well as the necessary preparations for the activities of the next week.

Transition is a skillset that should be necessary for all healthcare executives.  With Wiederhold and Associates assisting me in the development of these skills, I feel that I am more confident and better prepared as I exit transition into the next stage of my career.

Jonathan Turton, FACHE