Letter of Recommendation - August 2013

To Whom It My Concern:

I am delighted to have the opportunity to provide a letter of recommendation for Wiederhold & Associates. My experience with the career coaching and guidance of Jim Wiederhold and his team was very positive during a difficult career transition that led to a satisfying outcome.

From the start of the engagement, Jim was very responsive and helpful with specific guidance about the mechanics of leaving my former position. His team then stepped in with valuable coaching on the mental and emotional aspects of the transition, as well as practical steps like updating my resume. For someone who had not been in the job market for many years, I found the experience of a videotaped mock interview and a professional critique to be quite enlightening. As I began to pursue opportunities and undergo interviews, having a trusted adviser like Jim to help reflect on interactions and learn from each of them, and to make sure I did all the little things to maximize the chances for success, was greatly valued. Knowing that I had weekly check-ins with Jim and his team also helped keep me on track and moving forward.

Jim’s decades of experience working with executives in career transitions enables him to help clients keep things in perspective, to provide a reality check and objective assessment of developments in the process, and to serve as a trusted coach and adviser. Jim has an extensive network of health care industry contacts that are often helpful, with a well-developed set of interaction expectations that helps create and maintain a reservoir of goodwill among them. He is dependable and keeps his commitments, and is open to innovative new ways to deliver services such as audio recordings that can be listened to whenever a refresher is needed. He is a very likeable guy, which is important in such an advisory role, but he does not hesitate to ask the tough questions when that is needed or appropriate.

I will always be grateful for the assistance and guidance I received during my career transition from Jim and company. I’m not sure how I would have fared navigating the transition process without that guidance, and there is no question in my mind that I owe a significant part of my success in finding a new position to the help I received from them. I would highly recommend Wiederhold & Associates to any health care senior manager looking for guidance in a career transition.

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