Letter of Recommendation - August 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Wiederhold & Associates (W&A) for anyone in need of career transition services. I’m certain my story is not unlike so many others in today’s economic climate, however, Jim Wiederhold and his team of professionals have the ability to make short work of your search and help best position you for success in finding the opportunity that meets your personal and professional needs.

W&A takes time to get to know you; both the person and the professional. They invest themselves in you to understand your strengths and weakness, analyze your resume and critique your interview style. A tailored search strategy is then developed with measurable objectives and a predefined value-based scale used to objectively evaluating opportunities. W&A then mentors you through your search. Their proven approach is the difference between a job search and a purposeful approach to career transition.

One of the most impressive attributes of W&A is its extensive member network. When exploring an opportunity, invariably there is a network member willing to offer valuable information on key organization members, company culture, the surrounding community, etc. so that you come to understand the opportunity as a panorama and not just through the porthole of a recruiter or the company’s Human Resources department. When wanting to select an opportunity and ensure organizational fit, this is a difference maker.

It is with absolutely no reservations I recommend W&A. I am proud to consider myself a network member and would be happy to speak with anyone with questions about their services or about a specific job opportunity.


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