Letter of Recommendation - April 2009

I was first introduced to Jim Wiederhold and his company’s services at the initial stages of my job search. This was the first time in my long career where I had to search for a job and found myself in transition between positions.

At that time, I determined that I would forge ahead and identify and secure the appropriate opportunity on my own. I made this assumption, because certainly after 25 years of hiring healthcare executives, I would know how to present myself, interview and be hired as well. Unfortunately, the stark realization that I needed assistance quickly set in after several months in transition without any success. The unique skills and strategies for identifying and hiring talent are not synonymous necessarily with knowing how to establish your own career objectives, showcasing your accomplishments within a resume and knowing how to effectively tell your story in an interview.

I found Jim to be not only great counsel, but also a good friend that I could rely on to assist and guide me through this process. Through Jim’s coaching, he provided structure and discipline to the search process. He offered valuable resources in terms of network contacts, company referrals and references, educational conference calls and a keen understanding of the healthcare industry. While his extensive knowledge of the history and culture of many health systems was important, his perspective and relationships with the individuals leading these organizations was most useful and impressive.

Searching for the right opportunity while in transition can be a daunting process and one that challenges your self-esteem and attitude each day. Jim brings a sense of balance and encouragement to the process His approach provided optimism and focus, ensuring that you don’t jump at the wrong opportunity in desperation, but secure the right job that is the best fit for you. I recommend Wiederhold & Associates whole heartily as a powerful tool, resource and ally in fostering a successful career.

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